English Arts Chorale

Re-dedication of Refurbished Organ - St Mary's, Reigate

Season 38, concert 5a
Saturday April 21st, 2018   7.30pm

St. Mary's Church, Reigate



We have been invited to sing at a concert celebrating the restoration and re-dedication of the organ at St Mary's, Reigate, on Saturday April 21st.

Details are a little sketchy, but the concert is scheduled for 7.30-9.30pm, and we will be required to sing two items, one on our own and one, Zadok the Priest, with the Godfrey Searle Trust Choir, which is formed from pupils at the St Mary's Preparatory and Choir School, who use the church and the organ on a regular basis.

There will be a short rehearsal on the day, starting at 5.45pm in St Mary's.

Dress code is: Gentlemen - blue blazer and grey trousers, or dark suit, with tie; Ladies - black.


"Nicholson & Co., of Malvern, have undertaken a complete restoration of the 1911 Norman & Beard organ.

The action is being converted from pneumatic to electro-pneumatic throughout. The existing en fenêtre console is being restored without alteration to its playing aids or period appearance. A new mobile console of modern Nicholson & Co. design, with a full complement of modern playing aids, will be added.

In the 1960s, Hill, Norman & Beard replaced a Vox Humana on the Swell Organ with a Larigot 11/3‘, and replaced a Cor Anglais on the Choir Organ with a Block Flute 2’. The Larigot has been discarded, and a second-hand 1910 Norman & Beard Vox Humana has been restored to be installed in its place. The Block Flute was found to complement the tonal scheme so is being retained."

You can see the spec of the organ here ►