English Arts Chorale

Venues (work in progress)

St Mary's Church, Reigate

St Mary's Church is our "home" venue. It was here in 1980 that the English Arts Chorale was founded, performing initially as the St Mary's Chorus, now known initially as the EAC.

St Mary’s is a fine example of a traditional English parish church, retaining a strong sense of continuity with the past and many historic features while offering modern seating and facilities. For concerts we perform at the head of the spacious nave, while for singing days we often use the more intimate chancel. 

There are two parking bays for the disabled by the lych gate in Chart Lane, and a slightly sloping uneven path up to the west door of the church. No steps into the church, but a few bumps over the threshhold into a flat seating area in the nave. There is a Disabled toilet on the same level, but it is working.
In 2018, the restoration of the organ was completed, after a 5-year campaign. The restorers, Nicholson & Co, said:

"Nicholson & Co., of Malvern, have undertaken a complete restoration of the 1911 Norman & Beard organ.

The action is being converted from pneumatic to electro-pneumatic throughout. The existing en fenêtre console is being restored without alteration to its playing aids or period appearance. A new mobile console of modern Nicholson & Co. design, with a full complement of modern playing aids, will be added.

In the 1960s, Hill, Norman & Beard replaced a Vox Humana on the Swell Organ with a Larigot 11/3‘, and replaced a Cor Anglais on the Choir Organ with a Block Flute 2’. The Larigot has been discarded, and a second-hand 1910 Norman & Beard Vox Humana has been restored to be installed in its place. The Block Flute was found to complement the tonal scheme so is being retained."

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Chart Lane, Reigate  RH2 7RN
St Mary's Church, Reigate

Wray Common Primary School, Reigate

This is our regular Monday-night rehearsal venue.




Kendal Close, Reigate RH2 0LR



St John’s College, Cambridge

The Chorale has performed at St John’s regularly over the last ten years. It is one of the oldest Cambridge colleges. Since the 1670s its resident choir has provided cathedral-quality music for daily services and is now world-renowned through recordings, broadcasts and tours. The “new chapel” was designed and built in the 1860s in the architectural style of Gothic revival. 

St Mary's Church, Bletchingley

Our Christmas concert, a mixture of carols, readings and seasonal songs, has been performed in Bletchingley for over 15 years.




Church Lane, Bletchingley RH1 4PD



St Mary's Church, Balcombe

Our connection with St Mary's Balcombe is through the wife of the ex-rector, who used to sing with the EAC.




London Road, Balcombe  RH17 6PX

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St Mark's Church, Reigate


We have used St Mark's Church and its Hall frequently for rehearsals and singing days.



Alma Road, Reigate  RH2 0DA

There is a small slope from the pavement up to the main door, on the north side of the church.