English Arts Chorale

The EAC was invited to sing at a concert to celebrate the refurbishment and re-dedication of the organ at St Mary's Church, Reigate, on Saturday April 21st. The concert also featured the Godfrey Searle Trust Choir, whose choristers are drawn from the Reigate St Mary's Prep and Choir School. Ian Le Grice, the EAC's recently-retired accompanist, has been organist for the Choir School for over 20 years.

The organ has been restored by Nicholson & Co. of Malvern, and the audience was treated to thrilling recitals by Andrew Caskie, Ian Le Grice and David Greig, which demonstrated the diversity and depth of sound which this magnificent instrument is now able to produce.

The choral music included a lively 2 choir rendition of Zadok the Priest, with a well deserved encore.



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